About Western Designs

About our Western Wear Prints

Our unique design process for our Western Wear allows you to create the exact style you want. You can choose your own body of garment from the selections we offer and select the print to choose on that garment, creating the perfect design you want.

You can choose from up to 8 styles that includes a jacket, t-shirt, tunic, maxi dress, poncho, wrap to get the look you desire.

Our western wear prints go through a sublimation process to get the unique look we carry. Heat sublimation involves printing at 400°F heat for 35 seconds, which transfers our prints on to a garment at an extreme pressure.
The extreme pressure with the high heat creates a slightly creased look by creating blank areas in the garment. This is considered an enhancement to the overall look of our printing process to create the slightly vintage creased look.
This process can be used on any of the styles with the prints we offer to create your own look.

We have successfully offered these fabulous fashion garments to our wholesalers for nearly a decade and we want to extend them directly to you!
We are available to discuss any questions you might have to ensure your confidence with our western wear line.

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